How robots can be a win-win in a typical company?

In all companies known to us one thing is taken for granted: IT resources are scarce and choices made in terms of what will be developed by technical team and what needs to wait for ‘unknown future’ are always difficult. Moreover, IT development is generally expensive what leads to very careful decision making with heavy emphasis on business case the investment is to generate.

IT resources are always limited. That means that choices regarding investment in technical development within companies are difficult. They result in many advances being left for improvement for ‘unknown future’. Also, IT solutions tend to be relatively expensive in implementing, hence natural direction is to invest in IT in areas which will result in creating new business and impact the financial results of a company more directly.

The above leads to a simple generalization, that usually IT resources are more likely to be placed into front-end, business development areas that are to have a larger impact on top rather than bottom line. Moreover, introducing new technologies, new channels, new business lines and new products very often leads to an increase in complexity in back-office. In ideal world this complexity should be hidden from our eyes and solved by automated interfaces and applications. As most of us know, in reality it is not always the case and very often more technology closer to front-end is associated with increase in manual work to be done in the back-office.

Hence having robots as automation mean in back-office allows for more allocation of more IT development resources towards areas with more sophisticated technology and potentially higher business growth impact.

Mariusz Pultyn