Will robots take our workplaces?

Recently we were invited to a discussion about the impact of robots on the job market. Our Head of Operations, Magdalena Adamczewska, and the invited HR expert, Katarzyna Szymczak, discussed how robotization shapes the future and how it can effect employees.

The common consensus was that robots are implemented in various areas including business and customer services and this automation will only progress. While it is possible that some jobs might be taken over by robots, robotization is more likely to create new jobs for humans as there will be a growing demand for people who can develop and maintain robots, such as Robo Shepherds.

Countries such as Poland where many young people are interested in AI and study technical subjects will play a leading role in the future as more robots will need to be developed. Since the risk of losing your job because of robots is not completely out of the question, it is important to research the best ways of reskilling and implement them in organisations so that people can adjust to the changing job market and increasing automation in their workplaces.

You can find the full interview HERE.



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Justyna Turkowska
Head of Business Development