Who are we?

About us

Who are we?

About us

We are a very diverse team of people whose expertise spans from IT through back office operations to environmental protection and philosophy. We share a passion for process optimisation and software engineering, but most of all for automation.


Our mission

We automate boredom at work

Our vision

Work where you can more and have to less

Digital transformation is a big opportunity. At the same time implementing new technologies often means spending significant amount of resources, time, and effort, which many companies cannot afford. We believe that innovative solutions should be available for businesses in all sectors, not only for big players. It’s important to us that everyone can benefit from technological progress.

We also see space for innovation in public administration which also faces the challenges of an excessive number of repetitive tasks and the time and cost pressures. Digital clerks, digital teammates’ “colleagues,” relieve public administration employees from tedious, often frustrating activities and improve the service quality of the citizens’ cases. Automation can positively affect the life of each of us.

We’re open to working together with academic and research organisations. We want to share our knowledge about implementing automation and best practices, which often doesn’t reach anyone beyond organisations directly engaged in automation projects. However, the exchange of experiences in this area is necessary to increase the level at which the society understands new technologies.

Most of all, our vision is work where you can more and have to less. We’re absolutely convinced that every person can get up on a Monday morning with a smile on their face because new, interesting, and inspiring tasks await them each work day, which gives people the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Meanwhile digital teammates happily perform the less interesting tasks.

Our philosophy

We help to free the potential of your team.
Our digital teammates are meant to work side by side with you.
Automation increases engagement, because it offers more interesting work to your employees.
You can benefit from innovative solutions even if you don’t want to acquire automation skills.

Our story

Zdjęcie główne

Our story

We tested our first digital teammates on our own operations team of almost 100 people. We know exactly the challenges that result from implementing a new technology.

This is exactly why created a business model which works excellently everywhere where the key component for success is employee engagement in the most value added tasks. We share our experience and support businesses so that they can fully realise their potential.

Check out who we work with

Robo Shepherds

Robo Shepherds

Robo Shepherds are the profession of the future, which we created ourselves. It’s a significant opportunity for people without any previous IT experience who want to completely change their career path. Due to reskilling these people can enter the IT industry and develop the skills that are necessary on the job market impacted by digitalisation.

Thanks to our original training program our team mostly consists of people with an operations background. Robo Shepherds are distinguished by high business awareness and profound understanding of processes, which is essential to implement digital teammates.


Robo Shepherds aren’t just RPA developers. Their skills are much wider and cover:

  • analysing processes and their potential,
  • creating digital teammates,
  • testing, including creating automated tests for robots,
  • maintaining and reconfiguring digital teammates,
  • ongoing supervision so that digital teammates do their job dutifully.
See what Robo Shepherds can build for you Join the Robo Shepherd team


Bartek Pietras
Head of IT
Bartek manages IT teams. He gained his experience in many projects focused on building large IT solutions, mainly for the finance industry. He is an Agile practitioner, but most of all an enthusiast of common sense – along with his team he’s successfully crossed the path from waterfall to agile. He’s fascinated by the impact new technologies have on the day-to-day life of people and entire societies.
Kasia Adamczewska
HR Manager
Kasia has more than ten years of experience in HR. At Digital Teammates she manages HR matters for an operations team of 100 people whose daily work is aided by 150 robots. From the HR point of view, Kasia is also responsible for reskilling processes for employees who could take over different tasks due to robots, as well as processes connected with implementing robots to the organisation. Before working as HR Manager at Digital Teammates, Kasia worked as HR Business Partner and Payroll System Specialist in mBank and mCentrum Operacji.

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