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Robotic process automation in 2023 – trends and challenges
10 min 12 December 2022 Mariusz Pultyn
Despite the combination of unfavorable circumstances, 2022 was again a record year for the development of the business process robotization industry, both globally and from the perspective of Digital Teammates. So what trends and challenges can we expect in 2023? It is certainly impossible today to guess the direction in which political and economic events will go. However, when it comes to robotization, fortunately, global trends are quite stable. So let's check what the robotization of business processes will look like in 2023 in Poland and in the world.
GDPR and data protection in RPA projects
10 min 14 November 2022 Mariusz Pultyn
Thanks to the implementation of robots, we gain a full audit of all activities related to personal data, and in most cases also full automatic data monitoring. This allows to minimize operational risks to a large extent, not only in the context of regulations such as the GDPR, but above all, to protect data against unauthorized access and use. Find out how robots protect our rights and what data protection is all about in a robotization project.
Return on investment from RPA vs. hidden costs
10 min 10 October 2022 Mariusz Pultyn
According to the classic definition - "return on investment from robotization" - is the net profit divided by the costs incurred. In the case of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the profit can be calculated by subtracting the total costs incurred for robotization from the total cost of employing employees performing the same tasks. This means that it is enough to know two numbers to get a clear answer to the question of the profitability of the project. But how do you identify these numbers and avoid hidden costs?
Your robot is just as good as instructions it is working on
10 min 15 August 2022 Mariusz Pultyn
Robots are never wrong - this is one of their most important advantages. First and foremost, they are completely immune to the mistakes people often make, whether they result from fatigue, rush, or excessive routine. Regardless of whether the robot works for a few minutes or several dozen hours, or the deadline for completion of the work is a few days or a few seconds - all tasks will be performed with the same 100% accuracy and quality. Can we then be sure that we can fully rely on their faultlessness in every situation?
Hourly rental of software robots. Does it pay off?
5 min 21 July 2022 Andrzej Rydzewski
Increased employee turnover, an increasingly costly process of recruiting and maintaining a team - software robots help companies to cope with these challenges. They do not reduce the demand for human work, but create space for employees ready to take on more ambitious tasks. Robotization works best where the duties are boring and repetitive, but at the same time require a lot of attention and detail. The routine associated with such work, however, is conducive to human error - then software robots can enter the action. Does it pay off?
Why are robots not equal to humans? 
10 min 13 June 2022 Mariusz Pultyn
Sometimes we face doubts about the comparisons between humans and robots. The most frequently raised argument is that it is the Digital Teammates that should be more effective. Robots are great at performing activities in which digital data is processed. There are many such tasks, thanks to which robotization has become extremely popular. Nevertheless, the scope of people's competences is much wider. Therefore, it is worth answering the question - "Why are robots not equal to humans?".
From idea to industry – a robot’s life cycle is much more than you think
15 min 4 April 2022 Mariusz Pultyn
Modern robotic platforms include a whole range of functionalities facilitating cooperation with robots. You can create them from a template, and even "record" the process while it is running. However, he real challenge is to effectively automate processes that change over time. In order to control them, you need to know what the life cycle of the robot looks like - from the idea of ​​what it should do, through its production, maintenance, to the moment when we decide that its mission has been fulfilled and robot withdrawal.
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How to welcome a robot to the team
5 min 24 March 2022 Kasia Adamczewska
The question - how to welcome a new employee, who is a robot, to the team may seem abstract. However, the increasingly popular robotization and automation of business processes mean that companies have to face such a challenge. Each change in the company requires preparation if its implementation is to turn out to be a success. So how do you greet a new robot worker? First of all, you need to prepare your team for its appearance.
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Direction: automation – robotization of processes as an opportunity, necessity, or maybe a threat?
10 min 14 March 2022 Szymon Cegiełko
Does robotization of processes have an impact on modern business? What challenges you face every day does it respond to? And finally - is the robotization of business processes a response to the current needs of companies? Let's take a closer look at the development opportunities of enterprises and assess the role robots can play in them.
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Handling a robot – how to take care in order not to be careless
10 min 14 February 2022 Mariusz Pultyn
Modern RPA platforms promise that crafting robots can be as simple as creating an Excel table or a PowerPoint presentation. Thanks to the use of templates, components, or even ready-made recording tools, you can actually create a working robot in a short time. It would seem that in this situation you can automate processes effectively, but... Creating a robot is not everything.


Analiza potencjału automatyzacyjnego procesów biznesowych
What You Need to Know About Assessing The Automation Potential of Your Processes
5 minut Magdalena Grzelak
Analiza potencjału automatyzacyjnego to jeden z pierwszy kroków na drodze do automatyzacji procesów biznesowych. Na czym polega? Jak najlepiej się do niej przygotować?
Święta z robotami
Christmas in the Future
15 minutes Magdalena Grzelak
What will Christmas celebrations look like in the future? See how the Digital Teammates team answered this question.
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The Most Neglected Cause of Turnover: Boredom At Work – Summary
10 minutes Magdalena Grzelak
On 20th August we hosted a webinar in which our CFO/COO Konrad Jakubiec and HR manager Katarzyna Adamczewska talked about causes and effects of boredom at work. They also explained possible solutions to this problem. In today’s article we’ll briefly present key points from the webinar.

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