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We specialise in creating, training and maintaining digital teammates. Thanks to automation and our unique approach your team can pass tedious, repetitive tasks to digital colleagues.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA):
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

  • a combination of technologies that make it possible to automate structured, repetitive, and routine office tasks which your employees perform using a mouse and keyboard in any of your IT systems;
  • an excellent tool for tasks driven by procedures, schedules, and instructions;
  • helps your employees to dedicate more time and attention to creative, more value-added tasks;
  • benefits every industry;
  • works with all types of applications.

Get to know our Digital Teammates! See how our Clients benefitted from them:

What processes are the best to automate?

Why should you automate?

Digital Teammates, or robots:

Why should you automate?

Digital Teammates, or robots:

  • perform tedious, repetitive tasks that demotivate your employees;
  • work more efficiently than humans;
  • don’t make mistakes;
  • cost less than a human employee who does the same tasks;
  • never quit their job;
  • easily handle sudden spikes in their workload;
  • don’t require additional space or investments in office equipment.
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Models of robot delivery

The most common model on the market is the traditional model of delivering robots where the Client pays for “developing the robot” or “implementing an RPA platform.”

An alternative to that is our original model “Rent-a-Robot” (Robot as a Service) where the Client pays only for the work actually done by digital teammates.

Traditional model
Analysis and preparation
Client/Digital Teammates
Time of robot delivery
10-20 weeks
3-6 weeks
Costs of robot delivery
Costs of consultations, analysis, design and implementation
No additional costs
In charge of maintenance, modifications and monitoring of the robot
Digital Teammates
Costs of robot maintenance
Costs of infrastructure, RPA developers, analysts, and administrators
No additional costs
Costs of delivering more robots or changing existing ones
Costs of another cycle of consultations, analysis, design, and implementation
No additional costs
What are the advantages of Rent-a-Robot?
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What are the advantages of Rent-a-Robot?

  • No upfront costs.
  • Full robot maintenance throughout the cooperation.
  • Fast and tangible results.
  • Clients pay for robots only after the robots start actually doing their job.
  • The first robots starts working after around 4 weeks.
  • Clients quickly benefit from automation.
  • We make sure that robots are always ready to work.
  • When a process or a system changes, we retrain robots accordingly.
  • Clients don’t need to develop in-house RPA skills.
Step 1
Preparation of infrastructure, formation of accounts, environment configuration
Step 2
Detailed process analysis, robot development, finalisation of automated tests
Step 3
Detailed process analysis, robot development, finalisation of automated tests

Automation step by step

How do we prepare robots at Digital Teammates?

When a digital teammate starts working, a dedicated handler – Robo Shepherd – is assigned to them. The Robo Shepherd makes sure that the digital teammate:

  • comes to work at the appointed time,
  • always has a work station regardless of the number of digital teammates working simultaneously,
  • does its job,
  • doesn’t stop working,
  • is appropriately trained without interruptions to its work, when the process changes,
  • has access to necessary applications,
  • generates relevant reports,
  • is tested on an ongoing basis and modified when necessary,
  • is further developed to automate other areas of the process.
Let’s talk about automation in your business

The robots are built and maintained by our Robo Shepherd team – it’s a profession created by Digital Teammates which uniquely combines the skills needed to build and maintain robots.

Meet our Robo Shepherds

Processes to automate

We analyse processes for free. Contact us and our analysts will help you find the right processes to automate in your company.The right processes for robots have at least one of these features:


Processed data are digital and the process itself is standardised, documented, and stable.
The process requires a significant amount of repetitive human labour (in other words, a high number of full-time equivalents is necessary to handle the process).
The system that will be automated is relatively stable when it comes to adding new functionalities and there are no major architectural system changes planned in the near future.
The process is prone to human error as it requires a large input of sensitive data, such as sums of money, dates, customer IDs.
The process spans over a number of IT systems and requires a human employee to multitask and frequently switch between applications.
The process observes significant volume fluctuations, which makes it difficult to provide adequate staffing.
Download the Summary of Automated Processes


About process automation

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Check out robot delivery models

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