We automate boredom at work!

We provide digital teammates. We automate repetitive business processes – we create, then maintain and train robots, who are paid for the work they actually do.

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Our solution is accessible to every company who experiences an overload of repetitive office tasks, regardless of the industry and range of operations. Our robots are safe and efficient and make no mistakes. Without hesitation they accept disliked duties, increasing the satisfaction of their human colleagues.

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What our Clients say

mBank – as the technological leader in Polish banking – decided to deploy digital teammates a few years ago. Digital Teammates automated such processes as payment and customer request processes. The project met our expectations and robots were a factor in the increase of productivity.
Director of Operations Quality & Improvement Department
What stood out to us about DTM was their client-friendly approach to automation, high engagement in the project, and business honesty. All these aspects made our cooperation go very well, and the first process handled by a robot went live after 6 weeks from signing the contract.
Head of Accounting
It wasn’t that easy to find processes to automate even though (or perhaps because) we’re technologically advanced. With the support from Robo Shepherds and significant flexibility throughout the development stage, automation was not only implemented efficiently, but also resulted in a tangible success.
Aleksandra Rzeszutko
Process Optimisation Head
Our most important goal is providing our Customers with the best quality of service, and the combined effort of people and robots guarantees efficient and professional customer service.
Anna Rozłucka
Cooperation with Digital Teammates captivated us with a pro-customer approach and a good understanding of the needs of our organization. Before we paid anything, we had seen the benefits of implementing robots. Therefore, we decided to scale robotization to other company departments. Currently, at mLeasing, no one think of going back to the times before robotization.
Andrzej Siwek
Head of Operations
We started looking for solutions that make our work easier. Together with our department introducing modern solutions, we expressed our willingness to cooperate with companies that create robots. Therefore, we took part in many meetings and analyses. We were thinking about creating robots ourselves, but we were tempted by a completely different solution - hiring a Digital Assistant from Digital Teammates.
Andrzej Retman
Szef Zespołu ds. Utrzymania i Rozwoju Zintegrowanego Systemu Informatycznego


How do we start to work with you?

What stood out to us about DTM was their client-friendly approach to automation, high engagement in the project, and business honesty. All these aspects made our cooperation go very well, and the first process handled by a robot went live after 6 weeks from signing the contract.

JOANNA JARANOWSKA Learn more about automation
Step 1
Introductory meeting

Let’s talk about your company’s challenges and digital teammates.

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Step 2
Process selection

Choose some processes that you want to automate in your team.

Check processes we automated
Step 3
Analysis of potential & IT consultations

Our analysts assess the automation potential of your processes free of charge, and our IT team discuss how automation proceeds on their end.

Schedule the analysis
Step 4

We present you with an offer, taking into account selected processes and their potential.

Let’s talk about our offer
Step 5

We sign the contract, and digital teammates appear at your company within 6 weeks.

Learn what digital teammates do
Step 6
Start of the development

Our Robo Shepherds create digital teammates, which start working for you within 6 weeks.

So when do we start the development? Let’s talk


With us our Clients achieved tangible results and automation at a large scale. We do it differently than others!

No upfront costs
The monthly charge for robots equals only a part of the cost of an employee who does the same tasks.
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Short delivery time
The first robots are deployed in the production environment within 6 weeks.
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No breaks at work
We guarantee that robots will come to work every day, perfectly trained.
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Flexible employment
As needed, robots can be switched on, when there is more work to do, or switched off while workload is lower.
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No errors
Robots work precisely according to instructions and never make mistakes.
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Minimal project engagement
We are in charge of the entire process of preparing robots, then take care of them according to your needs.
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ABSL Diamonds Awards 2018
Business Excellence
GSA UK Awards 2019
Service Provider of the Year
GSA UK Awards 2019
Financial Services Project of the Year
Digital Champions 2019
Digital Product or Service
Outsourcing Stars 2020
RPA Category
ABSL Diamonds Awards 2020
Talent Development and Education
GSA UK Award 2021
Skills Development Programme of the Year


The people who create robots

of Robo Shepherds have previous experience in operations.
Each digital teammate works under the care of a dedicated Robo Shepherd who can be in charge of up to 40 robots at the same time.
of team members became a Robo Shepherd due to reskilling.
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