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Together we and you just need to find the first right process to automate, then understand its logic. From this moment on our Robo Shepherds are in charge of building robots, so that they can be ready for work in a few weeks.

No, if you’re going to work with Digital Teammates. We take care of the whole process of building and maintaining robots so that our Clients don’t have to acquire skills in robotics, and instead they can focus on their everyday responsibilities.

Processes that are perfect for robots have at least one of these features:

  • They are standardised, documented, and stable, and process digital data.
  • They require a significant amount of repetitive human labour (in other words, a high number of full-time equivalents is necessary to handle the process).
  • The system that will be automated is relatively stable when it comes to adding new functionalities and there are no major architectural system changes planned in the near future.
  • They are prone to human error as they require a large input of sensitive data, such as sums of money, dates, customer IDs.
  • They span over a number of IT systems and require a human employee to multitask and frequently switch between applications.
  • They observe significant volume fluctuations, which makes it difficult to provide adequate staffing.

We analyse the automation potential of processes for free. Contact us and our analysts will help you find the right processes to automate in your organisation.

  • Clients only start paying for robots once the robots begin to do their actual work.
  • The first robots start working after around 4 weeks.
  • Clients quickly experience the benefits of automation.
  • We make sure that robots are always ready for work.
  • When a process or system changes, we retrain robots accordingly.
  • Clients don’t need to develop in-house skills in robotics.
  • No upfront costs.
  • Full robot maintenance guaranteed.
  • Fast and tangible results.

Before robots are implemented into production environments, they are verified in test environments and have to pass automated tests. Due to this process expected business benefits are achieved in the fastest way possible.

Each running process is strictly monitored both by automated tools and Robo Shepherds. Robo Shepherds ensure that the process runs smoothly, identify areas that can potentially be optimised, solve exceptions on an ongoing basis and detect any changes in the automated processes.

The cycle described above is repeated until our digital teammates fully make use of the automation potential of our Client.

In the Rent-a-Robot model automation has little impact on IT. Robots attach themselves to applications that your employees use, so no configuration or development changes are needed. Your IT team is essential to establish a safe connection between robots and your working environment, and to give robots the access to your applications. The process is very similar to preparing your working environment for a human employee.

In our base operating model you don’t need any additional infrastructure on your side. We provide robots with all the necessary resources to perform their work.


Are robots considered competition for my IT team?


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