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About RPA

What is a Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a combination of technologies which allow automation of structured, repetitive and routine office tasks, which your employees perform using a mouse and a keyboard in any of your IT systems. RPA is a great tool to tasks that are driven by procedures, schedules and instructions. Thanks to robots your employees gain support with most tedious tasks and can spend more time on jobs that require creativity.

RPA works great regardless of your industry (including all kinds of shared services – finance, accounting, HR, but also in customer care, banking or health services). RPA can cooperate with full range of applications – starting with “black” terminals, through all kinds of windows applications to the most modern web applications.

Which processes are a perfect fit for robotization?

Robot works best while doing tedious, boring, repetitive tasks, requiring a lot of care for details and error-prone for humans. Processes that have characteristics described below are perfect fit for robotization. However in real life they rarely satisfy all of them. Most processes must have at least of those to be a good candidate for robotization:

  1. Process is highly standardized, documented and stable
  2. Input data are digitized
  3. Process requires significant amount of repetitive manual labor
  4. Automated system is relatively stable in terms of adding new functionalities and in near future there are no significant architectural changes planned
  5. Automated process is human error prone (requires large amount of data input, especially sensitive like amounts, dates or clients’ IDs)
  6. Automated process covers few IT systems what requires an employee to be able to multitask and frequently switch between the applications
  7. Automated process has significant volume fluctuations what makes adequate staffing challenging for Customer

About Digital Teammates®

What differs Digital Teammates® from other companies offering robotization?

Digital Teammates® offers its Clients a unique ‘tech-shoring’ service. This means that Clients don’t have to bother moving work to different locations (as in near-shoring or off-shoring), or looking for additional office space for employees when business grows. ‘Tech-shoring’ means that you can do more work having the same resources and flexibly respond to changes in volumes of work. In ‘tech-shoring’ our Digital Teammates® can work along with your employees on demand, doing the most tedious and repetitive job with no need to expand your office space.

In addition Digital Teammates® works in unique Rent-a-Robot model, which means that we analyze robotic potential, analyze your processes and build robots and ask you to pay only when they start to do actual work. First robots can start working as soon as 4 weeks since start of the robotization process, which allows you to yield benefits in shortest possible time.

Digital Teammates® guarantees that robots are ready for work at all times and changed or reconfigured when process or system changes.

What differs us from most of our competition we don’t force you to acquire internal RPA skills. We are happy to provide you a full robotic service.

Our Robo Shepherds (profession created by Digital Teammates® to combine robots’ building and maintaining skills) are always at your service.

What experience does Digital Teammates® have in robotization?

Digital Teammates® is an exclusive supplier of robots for mBank and a supplier of robots for IPF Digital. Thanks to our experience in banking and finance industries we are fully prepared to deliver stable solutions, working in highly regulated environments, where security, personal data protection and business continuity play very important role.

Our robots work on multiple applications both in cloud and Clients’ infrastructure.

In Digital Teammates® we hire experts in process optimizations, experienced IT developers and Robo Shepherds, who are proficient in building and maintaining robots.

Financial aspects

How much does the robotization cost?

Robotization with Digital Teammates® doesn’t cost anything before robots start doing actual work. Their ‘salary’ is a fraction of the cost of an employee, who did the same work before robotization. Typically robots start their work 4-6 weeks since the start of cooperation.

When do I start to pay for robotization?

Digital Teammates® expects to be paid for robots only since they start doing actual work for our Clients.

What benefits does the robotization bring?

Here are the most important benefits from robotization:

  1. Robots perform tasks that people usually don’t want to do – tedious, repetitive and error-prone, which allows humans to focus on more creative part of their job.
  2. Robot works faster and is more accurate than human and never makes mistakes.
  3. Robot is much cheaper than cost of salary of human doing the same tasks.
  4. Robot never quits job. In addition Digital Teammates® takes full care of its maintenance, reconfiguring it as needed. This allows you to save recruitment and training cost of your employees.
  5. Robot easily handles sudden spikes in volumes of work. In such cash multiple copies of the robots can be available for work on demand.
  6. Robot doesn’t require desk, computer, proper office space and ergonomic chair, which mitigates challenges you face while trying to manage office space

Operational aspects

What does typical robotization process looks like?

Typical process begins with discovery of automation potential. Next we select the most promising ideas, which are implemented by our Robo Shepherds. Each running process is strictly monitored both by automated tools and Robo Shepherds. This cycle is repeated continuously as long as there is still robotization potential to be explored. Each cycle takes from 2 to 6 weeks and always ends with robots’ deployment for actual work.

Our Robo Shepherds can build many robots simultaneously, co robotization pace can be aligned with your individual situation.

What do I have to do to start robotization?

We just have to find first process that fits for robotization and understand its logic. Since than our Robo Shepherds take care of building robots, so they are ready for work in few weeks.

Do I have to hire robotization specialists on my own?

We are happy to take care of not only building, but also maintaining robots, so you don’t have to build robotization skills on your own, to let you focus on your core business.

How much effort from my IT is necessary to start robotization?

Robotization requires minimal effort from your IT. Robots attach to applications that your employees use, so no configuration or development changes are needed. IT is essential to establish safe connection between robots and your working environment, as well as giving robots access to your applications, similar to preparation of working environment for human employee.

How long does typical robotization take?

Typical robotization time is measured in weeks. For the simplest processes it can be as little as few days. For complex processes building robots can take up to few weeks.

What happens when robots stop working?

In normal conditions such situation is extremely rare. The most common reason can by change in application used by robot that Robo Shepherds were not aware of. If this happens, we immediately start retraining a robot. It is possible, because Robo Shepherds are not only responsible for building a robot, but above all for making it adapt to changing conditions.

Can I change my processes after robotization?

Yes, of course. We are fully aware that robots work in live environment, where change happens often. Our Robo Shepherds take care that robots are properly trained, when their environment changes.

What infrastructure do I need?

In our base operating model you don’t need any additional infrastructure on your side. We take care for robots having all necessary resources to perform their work.

Are data and processes safe in “hands” of robots?

Data and processes are absolutely safe, regardless of robots working from the cloud or internal server room. RPA Platform (BluePrism) has been built with highest compliance and security standards in mind (e.g. PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX). Architecture is based on data encryption both for stored data and communication between components. Our platform is successfully deployed in highly regulated environments, including finance and banking.

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