We’re Hiring Robots, or How to Automate Processes in Fintech

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On Friday, 27th September, we hosted a webinar about robotization in fintech. Our CTO, Mariusz Pultyn and guests – Aleksandra Rzeszutko (Process Optimisation Head) and Przemysław Kamiński (Country Manager) from IPF Digital (hapipożyczki / hapiloans brand) – discussed the process of automation in fintech: from the decision-making stage through robot development to results. They based their observations on the case study of hapiloans and Digital Teammates. Watch our webinar below or read the transcript, or, if you have just a few minutes to spare, read the summary.

Robots in Fintech

Hapiloans is a loan company which operates in Poland and belongs to the international group IPF. Because of the increasing work volume the company was looking for a solution which would help to:

  • handle the accumulation of applications, 
  • avoid overtime,
  • keep the customers and their finances safe,
  • make the company independent from the situation on the job market.

Automation was the answer to these challenges. However, after the company examined various available solutions, it turned out that automation in itself gave rise to many doubts.

Can this solution be cost-effective? How would employees react? How long would this project take to complete? – these are the challenges that most businesses that want to invest in automation face.

Renting robots – a fast and reasonable solution

Hapiloans chose the solution offered by Digital Teammates because we solve major challenges at once. Thanks to our solution:

  • first robots started working 3,5 weeks after the start of our cooperation;
  • our robots are guaranteed to show up to work every day, as overseen by our Robo Shepherds and without engaging the Client;
  • a robot’s salary amounts to just a portion of the salary of a human employee;
  • the Client pays for the work the robot actually completed, but bears no initial costs.

Robots make both employees and customers happy

After a short period of initial training and knowledge sharing, hapiloans employees were eager to give robots their boring, repetitive, unfulfilling tasks. As a result:

  • 20% of repetitive tasks were taken over by robots.
  • Employees gained more time to communicate with customers.
  • Robots work at night so that in the morning documents are ready to be further processed by employees.
  • The time-to-money (time between the application being approved to money appearing on hte customer’s account) indicator improved by around 15%.
  • The customers receive the funds faster.
  • Robots work 24 hours a day, which makes them compatible with different markets and time zones.

Our Rent-a-Robot model that makes robotization possible in such a short amount of time was recognised not only by our Clients. We solve our Clients’ problems. Which is probably why we won the ABSL Diamonds Award in Business Excellence. We were also designated by Gartner a 2019 Cool Vendor in IT and Business Services. Ultimately, though, what counts is that our solution brings our Clients real results.

Watch our webinar below with English subtitles and read the transcript.

Magdalena Grzelak

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