Which processes are a perfect fit for robotization?

Robot works best while doing tedious, boring, repetitive tasks, requiring a lot of care for details and error-prone for humans. Processes that have characteristics described below are perfect fit for robotization. However, in real life they rarely satisfy all of them. Most processes must have at least some of those to be good candidates for robotization:

  • Process is highly standardized, documented and stable
  • Input data are digitized
  • Process requires significant amount of repetitive manual labor
  • Automated system is relatively stable in terms of adding new functionalities and in near future there are no significant architectural changes planned
  • Automated process is human error prone (requires large amount of data input, especially sensitive like amounts, dates or clients’ IDs)
  • Automated process covers few IT systems what requires an employee to be able to multitask and frequently switch between the applications
  • Automated process has significant volume fluctuations what makes adequate staffing challenging for Customer

Usually the tasks which could be described with the characteristics above are the least attractive for human employees. We can state here that a very general rule of thumb that robot can do things which people simply don’t like doing.

Konrad Jakubiec
Board Member