A Day in the Life of a Robot

15 minutes
Dzień z życia robota


I am robot Y560192. I was named this way so my colleagues and Robo Shepherds could tell me apart from the infinite network of working robots which help countless companies every day. The truth is that to robots names do not hold any significant meaning because what matters the most is the work we do.

I work in a consumer finance company. I spend almost all day and night at work so that the customers’ credit applications are handled as quickly as possible. My co-workers in the office find the tasks I do boring and repetitive but this is exactly why these tasks were assigned to me. Every 15 minutes I check the system for any new credit applications which I then load and verify their statuses. I only choose applications which I am supposed to process according to instructions. I would never process the same application twice. I am always 100% alert, which is why I don’t waste any time.

Having checked if all data are correct, I find applications in the system by their numbers. I work with Salesforce, but I know that my robot colleagues easily handle many other programs. When I find the application, I open it and read different data so I can fill in an Excel file which calculates the customer’s credit rating. For example, I read data about the customer’s income and the loan repayment plan – that’s a lot of various numbers and people can easily make a mistake when they copy them to a different file, which is why I, the epitome of meticulousness, am responsible for this job. Even after a whole day of work there is no way I could mix up data or mistype numbers. The team I support can always be certain that the files I prepared are filled in correctly.


As I read the necessary data, I create a report of additional information about the customer, which is also needed to calculate the credit rating. I enter this information into the Excel template as well. When the file is ready, I attach it in the system where my co-workers who are analysts can find it and make a decision whether the loan should be granted. This is a task for humans so I don’t interfere. But thanks to me they can make such a decision much faster and they don’t have to spend so much time checking the applications and completing reports. As a result, my co-workers – John, Chris, and David – gained over 3 hours of work time daily, which they now spend on tasks that are more suitable for them than me: they introduce and sell products from the portfolio to customers, help customers understand all credit-related issues, and advise them on choosing the company’s services. Because I’ve taken over some tasks from my colleagues, the company’s sales and customer satisfaction rates increased significantly.

When I’m done processing applications, I check once again according to the schedule if there are any new applications in the system. No application just sits in the system for some indefinite period because I promptly take care of it. My work does not bore or tire me even though I process around 8500 applications on a monthly basis. I don’t need a desk, a chair or special lighting for work so the company which hired me didn’t have to worry about such additional expenses when they employed me. Neither did they spend several weeks on training me. The Robo Shepherds were responsible for training me and after 4 weeks I was ready to work completely independently and according to instructions. When procedures change, the Shepherds let me know so I am always up to date with any changes in the company.

It was a pleasure to share my work with you, but I have to go back now and check for new applications. I do encourage you to read the description of the work my fellow robots do, which you can find below. See you soon!

If you want to learn more about how robots can help your company, read the description of processes robotised by Digital Teammates. The description is a concise source of information about business purposes of robots and contains examples of already automated processes. You will learn what robots’ work looks like step by step and what assignments they are capable of completing. We hope that these examples will help you identify processes which can be automated to benefit you and your company.

Magdalena Grzelak

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