RPA will save your HR department

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Roboty ratują dział HR

Every day your HR department does a lot of repetitive and monotonous tasks which involve various, often sensitive data regardless of the industry your company operates in. Unfortunately, a bored or overworked employee can easily make a mistake while copying data from different programs or calculating leave for several hours each day. This is when the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology comes to the rescue.

Robots minimize errors and safely process data

When renting a robot, you can automate even very complex processes in a short time. Robots can quickly and flawlessly handle processes related to e.g. payroll, sensitive data management, onboarding and offboarding employees. Sensitive data which robots process to complete their tasks are safe and won’t be mistakenly copied into the wrong employee’s file. At the same time robots help to save time and resources which a human employee is unable to efficiently use because the character of the tasks kills their potential and engagement. A robot, on the other hand, works with unwavering attention and precision, meeting quality and compliance standards. So what can HR employees do in the meantime?

Thanks to robots the HR department has more time to engage in the company’s growth

While robots create reports, deliver pay checks or sort numerous résumés, HR employees have more time for co-creating human resource policies and devising employee development plans. Improved company environment positively affects other departments – employees can see that the company reacts to their needs, which will result in increased motivation and productivity.

Job satisfaction in the HR department itself rises, too, as thanks to RPA HR employees gain time and opportunities for creative endeavours. Automation of routine processes allows them to dedicate this time to active participation in projects directly advancing the business and its image, such as preparing competency development plans and seeking out skilled potential employees. Due to such policy the business gains a strategic advantage in the job market, which is particularly difficult now, as it provides both the long-time as well as new employees with opportunities for growth and competency development.

Read how you can employ a robot in 5 steps.

Magdalena Grzelak

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