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Upcoming Events: September 2019

15 minutes
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This month Digital Teammates participates in several events. Learn where you can meet us and what topics we will discuss at conferences. We are also announcing the next webinar.

Innowacje na Start

Time and place: 2.09, 10:20 p.m., Polskie Radio RDC

Speakers: Magdalena Adamczewska (Head of Operations, Digital Teammates), Marta Mięśniak (RPA Team Manager, Digital Teammates)

During the radio show Magdalena Adamczewska and Marta Mięśniak talk about robotization, women in IT, and Robo Shepherds’ job.

Listen to the podcast (available only in Polish). Summary coming soon.

BSS RoadShow

Time and place: 12.09, Cracow

Speakers: Konrad Jakubiec (CFO/COO, Digital Teammates), Patrycja Chmielecka (Robo Shepherd, Digital Teammates)

During the presentation “Robo Shepherds – how RPA technology affects the creation of new jobs – the example of Digital Teammates” (Pasterze robotów – czyli jak technologia RPA wpływa na tworzenie nowych zawodów – przykład Digital Teammates) Konrad Jakubiec and Patrycja Chmielecka explain robotization’s impact on the job market and work itself as well as the unique reskilling opportunities created by robotization as exemplified by the story of Patrycja, our Robo Shepherd.

BSS Impact

Time and place: 17.09, Tri-City

Speakers: Mariusz Pultyn (CTO, Digital Teammates), Magdalena Adamczewska (Dyrektor Operacyjny, Digital Teammates)

At the BSS Impact conference Mariusz Pultyn and Magdalena Adamczewska discuss how technologies can support BSS. They will talk about the impact of automation on the job market and employees, reskilling opportunities in the age of digital transformation, and how the BSS industry can benefit from aptly implemented automation.

III CFO Excellence

Time and place: 18.09, Warsaw

Speakers: Konrad Jakubiec (CFO/COO, Digital Teammates), Joanna Jaranowska (Head of Accounting, Atlas)

“Finance 4.0 – the transformation of the finance field based on examples from Atlas and Digital Teammates” – Konrad Jakubiec and Joanna Jaranowska present real examples of finance robotization and discuss how digital transformation and automation affect finance in business.

Forum Nowoczesnej Produkcji

Time and place: 23-24.09, Warsaw

Speakers: Konrad Jakubiec (CFO/COO, Digital Teammates), Konrad Marchlewski (CEO, Atlas)

Konrad Jakubiec and Konrad Marchlewski present a case study of the cooperation between Atlas and Digital Teammates, focusing on automation and digital transformation in the finance area.

Webinar (PL)

Speakers: Przemysław Kamiński (Country Manager, hapipożyczki), Mariusz Pultyn (Digital Teammates), Aleksandra Rzeszutko (Process Optimisation Head, IPF Digital)

Mariusz Pultyn and guests – Przemysław Kamiński of hapipożyczki and Aleksandra Rzeszutko of IPF Digital– discuss how robotization can solve challenges in fintech businesses and what benefits result from it as shown on the example of Digital Teammates’ cooperation with hapipożyczki.

More information about webinar and registration coming soon.

Note: Webinar is in Polish.

We hope to see you at the conferences and the webinar. We encourage you to contact us, not only during events. You can’t miss it! See you soon!

Read the summary of our previous webinar about boredom at work.

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