How Process Automation Supports Your Business

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Korzyści Robotic Process Automation i obszary, które wspierają roboty

According to a PwC survey, 76% of CEOs believes that automation is going to have a lasting impact and organisations will keep using it even in a post-pandemic reality. Robotic Process Automation offers some predictability, particularly in the ever-changing business world. For many teams some daily challenges remained the same. Managers of these teams are still struggling with increasing work quality or decreasing employee turnover.

However, in our new reality many other challenges have emerged. Fortunately, automation helps business tackle these difficulties, too. Below we discuss 3 areas where Robotic Process Automation benefits organisations.

Maintaining business continuity

Many companies found it difficult to switch to remote work fully and unexpectedly. But the businesses whose daily operations were supported by digital workers didn’t have to worry whether their basic processes could go on uninterrupted. While managers and employees tried to adapt to new circumstances and prepared other solutions, robots handled key processes without exception.

With automation, process continuity is not the only thing you feel certain of. When a crisis hits, your employees can focus on searching for much needed solutions. Managers don’t have to choose whether their team should tackle tasks resulting from unforeseen situations or handle essential processes. Business continuity isn’t dramatically impacted by sudden volume peaks or understaffing, even when it’s caused by a planned leave.

Planning the costs of work and quality maintenance

Even cost planning is not safe from some uncertainty these days. Costs of work and quality maintenance keep unpredictably growing. They include elements that are completely out of the organisation’s control. That includes minimum wage increase or potential reimbursements (lately, there’s been some discussion about reimbursing Internet expenses). You also have to account for recruitment and training costs, which are difficult to plan precisely.

In this situation any predictable elements gain more value. When automating processes, managers and executives know exactly how much it will cost them to handle specific tasks. Digital workers also help to determine at the very least a portion of quality maintenance costs. They always do their tasks with 100% accuracy. This increases the overall quality of the process, even if some parts of it are still handled by people. Automation, in fact, gives you more control over work costs.

Team efficiency

Many managers face constant difficulties with increasing the efficiency of their teams and operations. The situation around them – dynamic changes, various emergencies, understaffing, and the routine character of many daily tasks – doesn’t make this challenge any easier to tackle.

Because of understaffing or sudden volume peaks employees often have to handle a lot of tasks in a very short time. Emergencies force the team to solve brand new problems, which might negatively impact their daily projects. Tedious processes can lead to frustration. All these aspects can damage the efficiency of the entire team.

Robotic Process Automation helps your team to focus on key tasks and take tedious processes off their hands. With the support from digital workers teams handle more processes and volumes in the same period without the need for expanding the team. In a recent Deloitte report executives from 26 countries believe that by 2022 their company’s workforce capacity will grow by 27% due to automation. This shift is already taking shape in many organisations. Digital workers help to streamline processes and tackle a growing queue of to-dos.

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