Why Rent Robots? – Part 2: Work Quality

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In the previous article we discussed the benefits of renting a robot instead of hiring a human, with emphasis on the duration and costs of the recruiting and onboarding process. When renting a robot in the Rent-a-Robot model, this process takes 4 weeks on average, during which the company doesn’t have to make any investments. On the other hand, hiring a human employee might take over 3 months and includes costs of finding the right candidate and training them to work unassisted. In this article you will learn what other benefits a robot employee can bring.

Robots increase productivity and work quality

Renting a robot means not only that you can save time and resources, but also that the work quality improves. As shown in a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, when asked about the results of working with robots, 62% of people in management positions answered that robots eliminate errors. 61% of respondents declared that they could concentrate on more important tasks, with robots handling routine processes, while 55% believed that they could “make decisions better” thanks to robots.

Assigning repetitive and boring tasks to robots and minimalizing errors raise productivity and help employees gain more time to engage in projects requiring creative and critical thinking, decision making, and direct customer service. This leads to increased customer satisfaction as customers are assisted quickly and professionally, but also to increased employee satisfaction and motivation as employees are not frustrated with boring tasks. Instead they feel that they actively participate in the company’s development. At the same time they have more time and opportunities to invest in their own growth. This lowers chances that a skilled employee who achieves good results will start searching for a new job.

Businesses that implemented RPA confirm its benefits

Companies which have already implemented robotization attest the benefits of hiring robots. According to Deloitte’s report “The robots are waiting,” 95% of companies participating in the survey declared that the increase in productivity, as a result of robotization, either “met or exceeded their expectations.” Over 90% of companies had similar observations about automatization costs and improvements in compliance, while over 75% also believed that their expectations were met where cost decrease and scalability were concerned.

Renting a robot results in a short onboarding process and reduced costs of the recruiting process. A robot employee also has a positive influence on the whole team which has more time and resources to realise their potential within complex projects. At the same time the robot completes its tasks with precision and is free from error, which allows humans to access verified data and make better decisions. Thanks to such benefits robotization, particularly in the Rent-a-Robot model, is an effective solution to increase the efficiency of operations teams at a low resource cost.

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