How much does the robotization cost?

Largest organizations can opt for fully fledged robotization setup. That means that recruitment of full RPA Center of Excellence is needed. On the top of that a team of RPA developers, IT infrastructure and licenses need to be acquired. This approach is recommended for organizations which have a potential for robotizing hundreds of FTEs jobs. One of very important factors of estimating costs of robotization in this setup is where the Center of Excellence is located. That is particularly important for international organizations which tend to have R&D and IT competences located in more developed countries and back-office operations outsourced to places with lower employment costs. Such setup increases pressure on robotization and requires even larger scale as development of robots is more expensive relative to back-office costs and achieving economic benefits is even more challenging.

Typical smaller robotization projects last between 6 and 12 months and consist of strategy, process analysis, process optimization and robotization potential identification. From our experience this approach is the trickiest as the further robotization and maintenance of robots requires having RPA developers and part of Center of Excellence on board. That means that without careful prior planning robotization in such mode may miss initial economic analysis.

There is another option available on the market which is based on Rent-a-Robot business model. Robotization with Digital Teammates® is done this way, what means that it doesn’t cost anything before robots start doing actual work. Their ‘salary’ is a fraction of the cost of an employee, who did the same work before robotization. Typically, robots start their work 4-6 weeks since the start of cooperation. What is even more important, in Rent-a-Robot mode Clients do not need to invest in RPA competences in order to have fully functional team of robots on board. In such mode robotization is considered as a straightforward saving from day one rather than a cost.

Konrad Jakubiec
Board Member