Robot as a threat or opportunity for job market?

In our view – definitely an opportunity.

We have a very consistent observation: in our experience way to many people worldwide do the tasks which are not made for humans and fit perfectly well for robots. We mean tedious, repetitive and error prone activities that very often yield decrease in motivation in teams. Every single management we have talked to can think about hundreds of better and more creative things people could be doing should they not be forced to spend so much time on tasks that robots like so much.

We strongly believe the more robots are deployed in workplaces the more satisfied and motivated people will be at work. And in foreseeable future we do not expect a situation where robots might start posing a threat to humans on job market as for many years we will live in a paradigm where there is way to much work to be done.

Digital Teammates thanks to having robots on board could develop a team of Robo Shepherds – team responsible for developing and maintaining the robots. As robots are deployed in operations we could provide an opportunity to people who did not have any IT background to start working with technology. Such opportunity would never be possible without robots. This is the path we expect the robotization will open – people will have more opportunities to realize their creative potential.

Konrad Jakubiec
Board Member