What do I have to do to start robotization?

We are strongly supporting an idea that robotization should be done in a way that shows first benefits very quickly and does not require much upfront investments – both in terms of money and time. That is why n order to start we just have to find first process that fits for robotization and understand its logic. Once we know what process it is and what application it uses all we need is accounts for robot for them and we can start the actual development.

The important feature of Digital Teammates and its Robo Shepherd team is that we do not require detailed mapping of processes, documentation or any other sophisticated preparation. Finding robotization is as simple as just showing our Robo Shepherds what people are doing. Usually a workshop which is few hours long is enough to have a very good start. We are even able to develop a fully functional robot based on a video recording.

We prefer project discover phase to be kept as short as possible as we want to have first deployed robots early and it is more natural for us and our Clients to search for other processes for robots once robots and their logic is familiar.

Once the first processes are identified, our Robo Shepherds develop the first robots. This process usually takes few weeks, 3-6. After this period robots are deployed and start doing their job.

Bartosz Pietras
Head of IT