When do I start to pay for robotization?

If you decide to go for robotization on your own, most often with a help of external specialist who assist in rolling out RPA project, than significant up-front investment need to be done. Apart from the actual cost of hiring external company (and these costs may exceed hundreds of thousands Euro), internal robotization is associated with following costs:

  • Investment in IT infrastructure required for hosting robots internally
  • RPA licenses – in most vendors’ offer licenses are acquired in a long term agreements (exceeding 1 year). Moreover, one license can accommodate robots doing equivalent of 3-4 people work, what means that efficient utilization of RPA licenses requires scale.
  • Investment in IT Center of Excellence team which will be able to maintain the infrastructure, platform and tools required for robotization.
  • Setting up RPA development team, which will not only develop new robots but also reconfigure them when needed after they are launched.

Digital Teammates® is offering robots in pure Rent-a-Robot mode so expects to be paid for robots only since they start doing actual work for our Clients. The whole phase of potential recognition, development, testing and deployment is investment- and cost-free for our Clients. So all the above costs associated with launching robotization internally are non-existing in Rent-a-Robot model.

Konrad Jakubiec
Board Member