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The ALAB company is engaged in equipping scientific and medical laboratories with devices from reputable companies. It extended its service activities to the field of laboratory diagnostics in 2000. Since 2008, the ALAB Group has been part of a pan-European network of laboratories centered around the Limbach’s laboratory, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany’s leading academic center. Such close cooperation with one of the largest European laboratory networks (nearly 30 large specialized laboratories in Germany alone) serves the development of modern medical diagnostics. ALAB provides services in the field of basic and specialized medical examinations.


Laboratory diagnostics

Deployment departments

Accounting, Laboratory


  1. Increasing volume of data to be processed
  2. Maintaining the continuity of the processes
  3. Elimination of errors occured during entering data into the system
  4. Increasing the quality of customer service

Examples of processes 

  1. Copying test results to different applications
  2. Issuing invoices and e-mailing them forward

Results achieved


The robot took over from the company's employees the task of issuing cash invoices, which are then sent electronically using e-mail. The monthly work volume is 2,500 invoices.


ALAB Laboratories entrusted robots with the task of replacing test results between applications. This activity is characterized by high volatility of volumes - the average monthly amount of work of a Digital Teammates fluctuates around 2000.

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