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What stood out to us about DTM was their client-friendly approach to automation, high engagement in the project, and business honesty. All these aspects made our cooperation go very well, and the first process handled by a robot went live after 3 weeks from signing the contract.
Joanna Jaranowska
Joanna Jaranowska
Head of Accounting

About Company

The largest manufacturer of construction chemicals in Poland, the undisputed leader. Innovation and partnership are the two main pillars of Atlas. A modern and fully automated production line using world-class technologies is the signature move of Atlas. The company focuses not only on innovative solutions in the field of production. Every day, it processes hundreds of thousands of data in IT systems. Office employees take care of the highest quality of supported processes, so as to ensure the uninterrupted operation of each area of ​​Atlas. Therefore, a step further is an investment in hybrid teams, in which employees supported by Digital Teammates make decisions based on real data, thus ahead of their competitors.


Construction Industry

Deployment departments

Accounting, Marketing


  1. Increasing volume of data to be processed
  1. Elimination of errors occured during entering data into the system

Examples of processes

  1. Authorization of invoices for selected suppliers
  1. Settlement of invoices (including transport, purchase, fuel invoices)
  1. Posting of bank statements
  1. Generating logs
  1. Generating a report from supermarkets

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Results achieved

6 weeks

The first digital teammate was delivered in 6 weeks.


32% of invoices is booked automatically.


Digital teammates make up 15% of the accounting team.


The work quality of digital teammates is 100% – they make no errors.


A digital teammate settles 150 transactions daily while the employees who earlier handled this process can now dedicate this time to more value-added tasks.

twice a week

On average, twice a week an update is deployed, which is caused by changes in processes or applications and makes it possible for digital teammates to always be ready for work and to perform their tasks according to instructions.

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