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IFP Digital
It wasn’t that easy to find processes to automate even though (or perhaps because) we’re technologically advanced. With the support from Robo Shepherds and significant flexibility throughout the development stage, automation was not only implemented efficiently, but also resulted in a tangible success.
Aleksandra Rzeszutko
Aleksandra Rzeszutko
Process Optimisation Head

About Company

IPF Digital provides fast and convenient credit solutions, including hapiloan to retail clients around the world. Its offer reaches recipients from countries such as Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Mexico and Australia. The number of clients using the company’s financial services has already exceeded 300,000. Loans are offered on-line as well as through distribution partners. The company’s revenue is counted in hundreds of millions Euro.


Financial institutions

Deployment departments

Sales Team, Customer Service


  1. Elimination of errors occured during entering data into the system
  2. Increasing volume of data to be processed
  3. Maintaining the continuity of the processes

Examples of processes

  1. Handling bank checks
  2. Generating certificates for clients
  3. Closing applications
  4. Monitoring and checking the verification transfer from the client
  5. Assigning tasks to employees in the appropriate status

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Results achieved


The team’s productivity increased by 30% without requiring any new hires.


The time-to-money rate – calculated as time passed between the request being approved to funds being received on the customer’s account – decreased by 21%, which exceeded the initial target of 10% decrease.


Robots do their tasks 100% accurately.

3,5 weeks

The first digital teammate was delivered in 3,5 weeks from the start of cooperation.

100 clients per hour

On average, robots verify 100 customers every hour and 20 000 customers a month.

20 000 disbursements

Monthly a robot sends 20 000 disbursements to customers on average.

3 times a week

On average, 3 times a week an update is deployed, which is caused by changes in processes or applications and makes it possible for digital teammates to always be ready for work and to perform their tasks according to instructions.

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