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We started looking for solutions that make our work easier. Together with our department introducing modern solutions, we expressed our willingness to cooperate with companies that create robots. Therefore, we took part in many meetings and analyses. We were thinking about creating robots ourselves, but we were tempted by a completely different solution - hiring a Digital Assistant from Digital Teammates.
Andrzej Retman
Head of the Maintenance and Integrated IT Systems Development

About Company

The largest Polish manufacturer of rolling stock, present in 11 countries in Europe and Asia. Almost 4,000 employees work at the plants in Mińsk Mazowiecki and Bydgoszcz. PESA cooperates with over 1,500 companies. The company relies on innovative solutions from the very beginning. Manufacturer of the first Polish low-floor tram, as well as trams and trains with the possibility of online diagnostics. From the beginning of its existence, it has been constantly cooperating with scientific and research centers, thanks to which PESA sets the direction for the development of the production industry. The strength of PESA is a highly qualified team that implements innovations not only on the production line, but also in the back office area, deciding to robotize repeated accounting processes.


Railway industry

Deployment Departments



  1. Upcoming personnel changes related to the retirement of some employees
  1. Ensuring process continuity – independence from the number of available employees
  1. Ensuring higher quality of accounting processes

Examples of processes

  1. Registration of purchase invoices
  1. Entering data of the delegation of employees to the settlement system
  1. Posting the delegation
  1. Authorization and pairing of invoices
  1. Preparation of transfers to suppliers

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Results achieved

20,000 invoices

The robot perfectly copes with high invoice volumes, reaching up to 20,000 items each month.

30 invoice formats

There are over 30 invoice formats that are processed by Digital Teammates.

17 processes

The number of automated processes is already 17.

6 employees

6 employees handed over the most tedious or repetitive tasks to robots and took care of others.

11 updates

Up to 11 updates are introduced weekly to ensure that robots are ready for work.

100% quality

100% of the tasks are performed flawlessly, which improved the quality of the processes.

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