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Client's name
mBank S.A.
mBank – as the technological leader in Polish banking – decided to deploy digital teammates a few years ago. Digital Teammates automated such processes as payment and customer request processes. The project met our expectations and robots were a factor in the increase of productivity.
Dorota Pustelnik
Dorota Pustelnik
Director of Operations Quality & Improvement Department

About Company

Technological leader of Polish banking. The first fully online bank in Poland. One of the strongest and fastest growing financial brands in Poland, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1992. mBank has almost 5.5 million retail clients, 30.4 thousand corporate clients, 2.4 million active users of the mobile application served every day by almost 9.5 thousand. employees. From the very first day of its existence, it focuses on modern and innovative solutions, thus always being one step further from market standards. A similar goal was pursued by deciding to implement robotization, the purpose of which was not only to deal with the current back-office challenges. Digital Teammates were implemented also to provide modern workplaces, relieving employees from tedious and repetitive activities, thanks to which there was space for development and use of employees’ unique knowledge.


Financial Institutions

Deployment departments

Customer Service, Monitoring, Payments, Customer Requests


  1. Increasing volume of data to be processed
  1. High employee turnover
  1. Increasing the quality of processes

Examples of processes

  1. Terminating contracts
  1. Closing of technical accounts and customer profiles deactivation
  1. Analysis of transaction history and commissions on the client’s account to verify the fulfillment of the promotion conditions
  1. Registration and editing of the policy application
  1. Creating a certificate of interest rate changes
  1. Creating a certificate of service closure

See how mBank benefitted from Digital Teammates

Results achieved

6 weeks

The implementation of the first robot took only 6 weeks.

from 19% to 9%

Due to automation employee turnover decreased from 19% to 9%.


Automation helped to reduce costs by 19% and decrease the FTE engagement by 25%.


KPIs also improved and for many processes KPIs hit their targets due to the fact that robots made no errors. Their accuracy is consistently 100%.


With robots implemented, the team’s production capacity increased by 30%. At the same time we became independent from volume fluctuations and we didn’t have to react to sudden changes in volumes by recruiting people or making them redundant. Moreover, employees didn’t have to work overtime to finish processing high volumes as robots did it for them.

twice per week

On average, there are 2 deployments per week, which are caused by changes in processes or applications and which are done so that the robots are always ready for work and perform their tasks according to instructions.

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