How to solve low employee engagement, boredom at work, employee burnout

What To Do When Your Employees Are Bored At Work?

Previously I discussed what causes boredom at work and what boredom can result in, e.g. employee burnout, decreased work quality, and weakened reputation of the company. Today I want to present a few possible solutions which will help you to deal with boredom among your employees.

Moving employees between teams and internal recruitment

If your employees are bored because they have to do tasks that don’t contribute to their growth or pose a challenge, it might be worth to consider moving employees to different teams. This will give them an opportunity to gain new experience and use their skills in a different environment.

Another option is to organise internal recruitment so that employees get a chance to prove themselves at a different post. This opportunity will increase employee engagement and combat boredom. It will also decrease employee turnover as employees will know that they don’t have to change the organisation to have a more interesting or challenging range of tasks.

Providing your employees with growth opportunities

Internal recruitment is not the only way to create clear growth prospects for employees.

It can also be provided by:

  • internal and external trainings,
  • individual growth plan,
  • mentorship.

These solutions help to engage the whole team. Employees who have completed a training have a chance to share their new knowledge with colleagues. Individual growth plans expand the skills of the person who prepares them as they have to adapt to the situation of a given employee. Mentorship allows mentees to gain new knowledge and skills while mentors further develop their leadership skills.

Automating boring tasks

Many repetitive, tedious tasks contributing to employee boredom can be eliminated by automation and robotization. Robots can, for example, create reports, accept applications, or book invoices, without making any errors. Employees gain more time to contact customers directly, handle more complex cases or do other creative work. The cooperation between people and robots enables the team to handle larger volumes without the need for overtime which often negatively affects employee engagement.

New technologies also contribute to new growth prospects as they create unique reskilling opportunities and the chance to gain completely new skills which become more and more significant at the job market.


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Katarzyna Adamczewska
HR Manager