What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a combination of technologies which allow automation of structured, repetitive and routine office tasks, which your employees perform using a mouse and a keyboard in any of your IT systems. RPA is a great tool for tasks that are driven by procedures, schedules and instructions.

Thanks to robots your employees gain support with most tedious tasks and can spend more time on jobs that require creativity. RPA works great regardless of your industry (including all kinds of shared services – finance, accounting, HR, but also in customer care, banking or health services). RPA can cooperate with full range of applications – starting with “black” terminals, through all kinds of windows applications to the most modern web applications.

The reason why RPA is growing so fast is that it is inheritably well suited for automating areas where the key to success is to make it reasonably cheap and fast. RPA platforms allow for relatively easy, cheap and quick development of robots that automate simple tasks. It is a key feature when compared with traditional a software development which most often is economically not justified in places where quickly deployed robots are the answer. It is important to note here, that despite the fact that RPA development is easier than traditional software development, it still does require certain amount of specialized RPA expertise and tools to be efficient at sizeable scale.

Konrad Jakubiec
Board Member