Five reasons why financial departments should no longer postpone the implementation of robots

The automation of work in financial departments is a challenge faced by every company whose dynamic growth results in increased manual work in this area. At the same time, the increasing level of process complexity, and particularly the growing pressure on the quality and speed of providing outcomes, does not allow quick and effective application of traditional methods of process optimisation. Continue reading “Five reasons why financial departments should no longer postpone the implementation of robots”

How to employ a robot in five steps?

According to the report “Robots are ready to work. Is your company ready to take advantage of them? 2018” prepared by Deloitte, almost 40% of managers regard an increase in productivity as the main goal of implementing robotic process automation of business processes. Other benefits resulting from using robotics is cost and risk reduction, or improved quality and general efficiency of office operations.

If you are not sure whether your company is ready for RPA and this process seems to you complicated and time-consuming, below we will show you in five steps how to automate repetitive processes in the organisation thanks to deploying robots and to do it in a simple and effective way.

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Robot as a threat or opportunity for job market?

In our view – definitely an opportunity.

We have a very consistent observation: in our experience way to many people worldwide do the tasks which are not made for humans and fit perfectly well for robots. We mean tedious, repetitive and error prone activities that very often yield decrease in motivation in teams. Every single management we have talked to can think about hundreds of better and more creative things people could be doing should they not be forced to spend so much time on tasks that robots like so much.

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How robots can be a win-win in a typical company?

In all companies known to us one thing is taken for granted: IT resources are scarce and choices made in terms of what will be developed by technical team and what needs to wait for ‘unknown future’ are always difficult. Moreover, IT development is generally expensive what leads to very careful decision making with heavy emphasis on business case the investment is to generate.

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Robot manufacturing process automation

Is it possible to deal with large-scale robotization (more than a few robots) without automating the processes of creating, installing and monitoring robots?

We believe it isn’t. Robots used in RPA is a piece of software which sometimes needs to be changed. They work on applications which may also change from time to time what can cause even more complications. When starting robotization journey you should be always prepared for both of these factors and have tools to manage them in easy and safe way.

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Hand in hand with robots – how people react to digital teammates?

As you can easily imagine, the decision to introduce robots that perform tasks handled by people can be a controversial topic for human employees. Our experience shows that even mere delivery of such news can stir the emotions and open up argumentative discussions. Both surprise and fear of the change itself and a potential loss of daily tasks can turn out to be a daunting blocker if not addressed in time.

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