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What we do?

We help to significantly improve the cost, quality and overall efficiency of your back office operations.

Digital Teammates® is a RPA (Robotic Process Automation) provider with unique Rent a Robot offer. Thanks to own technology and specialized team we are able to assess robotization potential, develop robots and deploy them within few weeks. Tech-Shoring your operations with Digital Teammates® yields benefits in shortest available time and with minimal effort from Client. Once the robots are deployed, we are making sure that they come to do the work they are supposed to do on time. If they stop, for any reason, we are here to reconfigure them and make sure they return to their routines immediately. Thanks to our maintenance services our Clients don’t have to invest in specialized RPA teams to gain benefits from robotization.

Why are we unique?

Digital Teammates® offer combines features that make robotization of process easy, quick and seamless:

  • No initial investment needed
  • First robot are deployed within 4-6 weeks of cooperation
  • We provide full maintenance of robots
  • We deliver new robots on demand
  • Our robots’ work has high quality with low price
  • RPA with Digital Teammates® is a great first step to move into introducing AI into your operations


Digital Teammates® offers Rent-a-Robot services

 with no up-front investment and full maintenance throughout the cooperation.

Robotization with Digital Teammates® brings tangible results very quickly

 - first robots are operating within 3-6 weeks of cooperation.

Robots for suitable processes are developed by our Robo Shepherds

 in testing environments and released into real life as soon as they pass automated testing processes, so benefits can be harvested as soon as possible.

Most promising ideas are developed by our Robo Shepherds in testing environments and released into real life as soon as they pass mostly automated testing processes, so benefits can be harvested as soon as possible.
Each running process is strictly monitored both by automated tools and Robo Shepherds

 dedicated to ensure smooth process flow, identify areas for optimisations, handle exceptions and identify changes in underlying processes. Digital Teammates® can be retrained according to changing customer needs in very short time

This cycle is repeated continuously

 until our Digital Teammates® effectively cover the robotization potential in our Client’s operations and employees can focus on more creative tasks.

About Us

Digital Teammates® is helping Clients in automating routine tasks performed by employees and release their creative potential to serve their customers better. Digital Teammates® is a fast-growing pure-play Robotic Process Automation company based in Poland. Our team is formed by a unique mix of experienced IT and operations executives accompanied by passionate and successful IT and Operations experts with deep knowledge of software engineering processes and optimization of operations. We combine best-of-class RPA tools with agile continuous integration and delivery processes to deliver tangible results in short timeframes (measured in weeks rather than months).

Digital Teammates is a proud member of Microsoft Partner Network


Digital Teammates® is proud to automate operations for mBank – 4th biggest Polish bank by assets, the global leader in digital banking, the winner of international awards for its innovative products.

hapipożyczki is a brand of IPF Digital which belongs to the international International Personal Finance PLC group, a leading provider of financial products, which already support almost 3 million customers in the world. Repeatedly rewarded in competitions and industry rankings, hapipożyczki showed their strong position in the Fintech market.

Eurobuild is a media group which has been operating in the property and construction sector in Central and Eastern Europe since 1997. Eurobuild CEE is mainly involved in publishing sector-related publications, while Eurobuild Conferences is responsible for the organisation of conferences and a number of other business-related events in the region. The Eurobuild CEE Group is a platform for exchanging information, which is delivered to its clients via a variety of media. We publish the biggest regional monthly magazine devoted to the property market, organise business and team-building meetings, maintain an internet site, publish a newsletter, and communicate with the sector by means of social media.

Atlas is a capital group made up of 20 business entities. Among them are producers of building materials as well as producers of raw materials for their production. With the widest range of construction chemicals products among its competitors, the Group is a leader on the Polish market and successfully operates also outside our country. The Atlas Group offers hundreds of products, including technological systems composed of many complementary products. The offer includes products based on cement, natural and synthetic gypsum, on bituminous and epoxy raw materials.

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